Welcome to the Studio


Founded in 2012 by designer, artist and printmaker Tom White, 9 Surf Editions began as his private studio and quickly developed into a place where artists and photographers come from all over to have their work printed. His meticulous attention to detail is the foundation of 9 Surf and is the hallmark of our superior quality printing. He brings 25+ years of award-winning creation and production expertise to every print project.

Trained as a printmaker and graphic designer before the computer was introduced to the art world, Tom maintains a strong connection to the history of traditional craftsmanship. Early on, and aware of inevitable change, he became a pioneer of the digital arts and has been fully immersed in digital media since. His design and illustration work is commissioned by the many of the world's top agencies, publishers, and companies. 

Together he and his wife Lois collaborate on several experimental photography projects which use the giclée print process to produce their large format print editions. And as part of his ongoing exploration of digital printmaking, Tom is breaking down the normal single-pass print process and producing images involving multiple hand-registered passes of ink recreating deconstructed images in the printer, much like a lithograph or silkscreen process of laying down one color at a time.

Studio features


• Epson print platform with 24", 44" and 64" width capabilities.


• We offer museum-quality 100% archival acid-free fine art and photographic papers and canvases.

• Quality, clarity, vibrance, detail, tonal range in color and black and white are at the highest standards.

Photography, scanning

• High resolution image capture, expert color and texture matching, maintaining artistic intent, post production, proofing, retouching and digital restoration.


• We offer many framing solutions for singular prints and artworks, multiple work for exhibitions, homes and interior spaces.

Exhibition planning, design & production

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Craftsmanship, technology & service

We take a one-to-one approach with an attention to detail in the tradition of old-world craftsmanship while using the latest technology. We see printing as a form of collaboration with artists and photographers. It's always a pleasure to see the excitement when showing our clients their printed works.


If you need museum quality fine art giclée prints, I wholeheartedly recommend 9 Surf Editions. They have provided me with impeccable quality and service, and their prices are reasonable. Owner Tom White brings many years of experience in the graphic arts to the studio, and trust me, he has a fantastic eye for detail. He will work with you until each image looks its very best. And most importantly, everyone at 9 Surf Editions is super nice and easy to work with.
— Richard Tuschman, Photographer/Artist

Artwork details thanks to:

Luis Bivar, Anthony Boone, Penelope Breen, Joyce Chadwick, Adam Cohen, Rune Egenes, Albert Grøndahl, Trip Levine, George Melton, Atle Østrem, Melissa Bronwen Pyle, Holly Suzanne Rader, Kathryn Rathke, Jill Ricci, Patrick Schiavino, Sara Stadtmiller, Ming Smith, Richard Tuschman, Lois White, Tom White, Hugh Whyte, Linda Zacks