9 Surf Editions

Archival printing at all sizes up to 60in x 12ft

High resolution scanning and photography

Imaging, texture and color matching

Digital retouching and restoration

Printing as part of the creative process

Edition planning and strategies

Framing and installation

Fine art printing & framing

A passion for perfection

Our goal is to produce not only a perfect representation or likeness of the image, but also the artist’s or photographer’s intent. We confer with each artist, review the works to be printed and work in collaboration to help them exceed their print and fine art reproduction goals.

Digital master print file – the all important first step

A print is only as good as the digital master file. With 25+ years of award-winning commercial and fine art production under our belt, we are experts of image capture, color and texture matching, and retouching. Artwork and non-digital photos are evaluated individually and photographed or scanned accordingly in high resolution. Digital originals supplied by clients are evaluated and optimized for color and detail before printing. All before the ink hits the paper or canvas. We view what we do as an art form rather than a copy process. We are leading experts in digital file mastering for fine art print production.

Creating limited editions

Editions can be created all at once or on demand and at varying sizes, including large formats. Depending on the intent of the edition, we can help you determine the best course of action. There are a variety of editioning strategies we can review with each client.

Printing as part of the creative process

An exciting trend in the arts is the integration of giclée prints into art creation. We collaborate with artists who are introducing prints back into their workflow. We print base canvases and papers which are then built upon and embellished as a form of multimedia, allowing artists to create unique and original versions of their work.

Framing and mounting – three parts to successful presentation

There are three stages to making successful artwork. First, the artwork or prints have to be the best they can be. The next consideration is how the art is framed or mounted. The last is how the artwork is hung and lit. Viewers are then able to imagine what the artwork will look like in their space. We can help you with all three steps.


As a fine art photographer, the quality of a print is very important to me. Having studied fine art archival printing and printing my own images, both in the traditional wet darkroom and now digitally, my standards are quite high. It never crossed my mind to have someone else print for me, until I saw the incredible quality of Tom’s work. He has enlarged and printed several of my images and the results were amazing. He is a master at what he does, highly knowledgeable and very helpful. In addition to his awesome printing, his retouching abilities are top notch. Tom has given my images a whole new life, and for that I am very thankful. If you want exceptional quality printing, go no further than 9 Surf Editions.
— Joyce Chadwick