Art & Photography Book Design


The importance of a well design book

If you are looking to get your work out in the world, books are one of the best ways to make your work known. A carefully and professionally designed (and written) book can cut through the layers of rejection and red tape and show patrons, galleries, curators, publishers, and potential clients you are serious about your work.

The process

Tom White works collaboratively with artists to make sure the book meets and exceeds their needs. Before work begins, an in depth review of the work and goals is discussed and a plan, budget, and schedule is developed.

Upon approval, design begins and the book begins to unfold!

About Tom White

Tom is an award-winning art director and designer working in publishing and advertising. His New York City studio served top clients in all fields and industries. Upon moving to Asbury Park and opening 9 Surf Editions and Exhibit No.9, he has devoted his attention to the fine art world in all its forms or publishing and presentation.

Art book for Adam Cohen


Some spreads from “fire/works” by Tom & Lois White